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Welcome to the Creepypasta MLP wiki. Once you go far, you never go back.

Proudly hosting 8 of your worst pony-related nightmares.

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This wiki is the creepypasta version of My Little Pony. Here you can tell your stories of each character. Feel free to get started by reading our Policy

For those who wish to have their pastas submitted into our list, please refer to the Submissions page, where you can post your original content and then have it reviewed by the community later on, either on here or via the Forum.

The rights to all content posted here belong to the writers. Please do not attempt to use the stories in this wiki for your own personal profit. This wiki is non-profit and all stories are posted here for personal enjoyment. If your writing appears here and you wish to have it removed, please contact one of our administrators.

Also there is also a request for Admin Request

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